FCRC May Meeting Call

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
7:00 PM – Social Hour
8:00 PM – Meeting
Lake Braddock High School

  1. Call to Order
  2. Invocation
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Secretary’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Operations Report
  7. Community Engagement Report
  8. Chairman’s Report
  9. Old business
  10. New business
    1. Approval of Operations Plan
  11. Announcements
  12. Adjournment


Fairfax County Republican Committee Scholarship

Fairfax, Virginia – May 8, 2017 – Today the Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) announced an application extension for their Scholarship to Fairfax County high school seniors graduating in 2017. The Committee will grant various awards in the amounts of $1,000, $750, and $500.

Puneet Ahluwalia and Jackie Gravell, both active members of the Fairfax community, will be co-chairing the awards committee. Ahluwalia and Gravell hopes that the scholarship program will encourage students to a better understanding of patriotism and what it means to be an American.

The scholarship awards may be used for direct or indirect costs associated with college by the student.  Applicants need to submit an essay on their choice of one of four topics which address aspects of what it means to be an American. The authors of the top essays will be interviewed to determine the finalists. The top essays will be selected by committee, and winners will be announced in May. The application deadline is May 20th, 2017. Application forms may be found on the Fairfax County Republican Committee (www.fairfaxgop.org) website.

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Click HERE to access the application!

Fairfax County Republican Committee
Steve Buckingham
Executive Director

2017 Richmond Legislative Session Wrap Up

Fairfax County GOP House Delegation

Three Republican Delegates represent parts of Fairfax County in the Virginia House of Delegates.  The entire Virginia House of Delegates is up for re-election in 2017 and we wanted to let you know what our Fairfax Delegates have been working on this year.  (By the way, the Virginia Senate will not be on the ballot until 2019.)

The three House members are:

Tim Hugo, 40th District

Dave Albo, 42nd District

Jim LeMunyon, 67th District

During the recently-completed 2017 Legislative Session, a total of over one thousand House Bills were introduced.

Among these, Republican Delegates introduced Bills that focused on eliminating red tape, developing a 21st Century Economy, and investing in critical infrastructure with no new taxes or fees.

Additionally, Republicans had another vital mission in this session – to defeat proposed legislation that would increase taxes, stifle economic growth and harm Virginia’s reputation as a pro-business state. This included:

– Defeated numerous Democrat-proposed tax increases that would have harmed small and large businesses, and also consumers.

– Defeated proposed government fee increases that would have impacted every Virginian.

– Once again, Republicans successfully blocked the implementation of Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion.


Here are some of the notable amendments to the 2016-2018 state budget:

The budget does not contain any tax or fee increases.

– Republicans made necessary investments in new funding for K-12. Importantly, this funding also gives local School Boards added flexibility to spend the money as best fits their needs.

– The budget makes strategic investments in economic development, but adds additional oversight to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

– Includes $1.5 million to expand domestic violence prevention, treatment and counseling programs and services for women and children.

The budget does not include Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

Here are some highlights of legislative bills sponsored or cosponsored by Delegates LeMunyon, Albo and Hugo during the 2017 session.


House Bill 1790

Cosponsors: Del. LeMunyon and others. Passed House, Passed Senate, Awaiting Governor’s Action.

Ensures that small businesses are not over-regulated.

The Bill directs agencies to develop regulations in the least burdensome and intrusive manner possible and provides guiding principles for the development, adoption, and repeal of regulations.

Transportation & Infrastructure:

House Bill 2136

Primary Sponsor: Del. LeMuyon, Cosponsors: Del. Hugo, Del. Albo and others. Passed House, Passed Senate, Awaiting Governor’s Action.

Authorizes Virginia to become part of the Metro Safety Commission and importantly, will give Virginia oversight authority for the sections of the Metro system located in Virginia.

House Bill 2137

Primary Sponsor: Del. LeMunyon, Cosponsor: Del. Hugo. Passed House, Passed Senate, Approved by Governor.

Requires improved transparency regarding the selection and funding of transportation projects in Northern Virginia.

Higher Education:

House Bill 1410

Primary Sponsor: Del. Dave Albo, Cosponsors: Del. Hugo and one other. Passed House.

Improves access to colleges and universities while also addressing affordability.

First Responder Surviving Spouse Tax Exemption

House Bill 1884

Primary Sponsor: Del. Hugo with Cosponsor. Passed House, Passed Senate, Recommended by Governor, Enacted.

Real property tax exemption for the surviving spouse of a First Responder killed in the line of duty. This was the constitutional ballot question voted on in November, 2016.

Opioid Prescriptions Abuse

House Bill 1885

Primary Sponsor: Del. Hugo. Passed House, Passed Senate, Recommended by Governor, Enacted.

Addresses the opioid epidemic by limiting unnecessarily lengthy opioid prescriptions.

Explicit Sexual Material in School Instructional Materials

House Bill 2191

Cosponsors: Del. Hugo, Del. Albo. Passed House, Passed Senate, Awaiting Governor’s Action.

Overcoming strong Democrat objections, HB 2191 directs local School Boards to notify parents when sexually explicit material is in a course, instructional materials, or a particular school assignment.

Please support the Republican Delegates who represent Fairfax County and let them know you appreciate the hard work they are doing on our behalf!

The Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) is the one organization the represents the Republican Party in Fairfax County. As a grassroots-driven, volunteer organization, FCRC works to get Republicans elected to public office and to advance important principles.




Fairfax County Republican Committee
Eric Johnson
Executive Director

Fairfax, Virginia – March 25, 2017 – The Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) held a Straw Poll & Candidate Forum this morning at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax. More than 300 Virginia voters participated. Mr. Ed Gillespie won the straw poll for the position of Governor with 55.84% of the vote. Senator Jill Vogel won the straw poll for the position of Lt. Governor with 64.36% of the vote. And Mr. John Adams won the straw poll for the position of Attorney General with 61.69% of the vote.

Following the event, FCRC Chairman Matt Ames said, “1 in 7 Virginia voters lives in Fairfax County. No candidate has been elected Governor of the Commonwealth without also carrying Fairfax County in more than 30 years – and that includes Republican Governors McDonnell, Gilmore, and Allen. Winning in Fairfax County is the key to winning in Virginia.  The FCRC is looking forward to working with a strong statewide ticket after the June primary, and we will be ready to make that happen.”

For more information on FCRC, please visit www.fairfaxgop.org.

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Fairfax County Republican Committee’s Volunteer of the Year!

Toan Dang has been selected as the Fairfax County Republican Committee’s Volunteer of the Year.

Toan first became active in Republican Party politics as a college student in the late 1980’s. He joined The Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) in 2014.

FCRC Chairman Matt Ames explained why Toan received the award. “Toan Dang has made it his personal mission to encourage the leadership of the Vietnamese community in Northern Virginia to work with the Republican Party, and to help the Party by opening doors we didn’t know were there.  He makes sure that we know about every important event in the community, constantly urges our elected officials and party leaders to attend, and introduces them to key members of the community.  This requires constant, sustained effort to be effective.  There is no question that Toan’s persistence is the single reason that we have developed a much closer and stronger relationship with the Vietnamese community in just the last two years than ever before.”

In addition to his many other contributions as a volunteer, Toan assisted in translating the Creed of the Republican Party of Virginia into Vietnamese so it can be more widely disseminated and understood.

Congratulations, Toan!